Tips For Choosing a Good Ceramic Wall

IKEA ONLINE: Tips For Choosing a Good Ceramic Wall – Ceramics are used to coat the walls with tiled floor is different. Because it is not used to support heavy objects such as ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall is thinner than the ceramic floor. Thick ceramic walls that are not too easy to be easily attached to the wall tile and not easily separated from too heavy. This is because the tiles are not installed on the bottom, it will be mounted on the top of which would be greatly affected by the forces of gravity.

In general, wall tiles applied to the walls of the bathroom or kitchen. However, now a variety of motives to make ceramics look beautiful and capable adorn the wall like wallpaper. Not only the variety of attractive colors, motif wall tiles are also increasingly diverse, you can even customize it with a wide selection of ceramic themes. You can find tiles with wood pattern, plants, other motives. This is what makes his presence is no longer felt monotonous and more selected in addition to the various advantages it has.

Tips For Choosing a Good Ceramic Wall

Lining the walls with ceramic has many advantages, including:

More durable

Made with ceramic and homogeneous materials through burning up more than 1200o Celsius. This process makes the ceramic into a strong material not easily damaged. Unlike the wallpaper that can be easily torn or chipped paint easily.

Easy to clean

Another advantage of ceramic wall tiles are easy to clean. Just like if you clean the floor tiles, wall tiles are easy to clean with water and floor cleaner that can stain walls disappear and re-clean.

The walls do not need to be mashed with aci

Because it will be affixed tiles, walls that have so no need to be mashed with a layer of leveling compound or cement. This can save the use of cement.

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