Furniture of Concrete by Designer Zachary A

Ikea Online: Furniture of Concrete by Designer Zachary A - Note the image above, a designer Zachary A lifting a seat, where the furniture is made from a very heavy concrete, but is actually light enough to be appointed, Meant for use outside. Here, Zachary sits in one of his works. While they look heavy, they are all really very light and easy to move and take care. Unique pieces, which are all made in Chicago, can be used indoors or out to the countryside yet sophisticated minimalist look.

Here, a side table in the shape of France, the Bois Français, is seen from the side. The detail runs down the side in accurate relief.


 From the designer: Zachary A. creates intriguing contemporary furniture for the indoors and out. This collection is designed to appear (and endure) like sculptured concrete at a fraction of the weight.Treated for a modern rustic, weathered look, these earthy yet sophisticated home accents are an elegant juxtaposition of old and new.

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