Designing a Small Room Looks For Area and Width

IKEA ONLINE: Designing a Small Room Looks For Area and Width - The house has many rooms, of attention to design, flooring, walls and others-others take precedence. So what if you are a small room seem spacious so that in view, then in this article we are going to make or design so that a small room seem spacious.

Designing a room that has a widespread impression can be done in a simple way. You can do it through the illusion of the game, such as color, lighting, and selection of appropriate furniture.

Many things must be considered for designing a room. One of the challenges is that often the area of ​​a room. Limitations of the room seemed to be a challenge. However, you do not need to worry and heartbreak. One of them is by making the game "illusion" that can be created with the use of color, mirrors, lighting, and furniture two functions.

Designing a Small Room Looks For Area and Width

Lighting and neutral shades on the walls and the ceiling is also the most efficient way and also not too much to pay. In a simple way, we also could change the impression of the room becomes more widespread.

"Using a lighter color on the ceiling to make the room appear larger than actual size. Monochrome color theme can provide harmonization can make the room look attractive, "said Susan Octari Yawhan interior design.

You can experiment with using a variety of materials and determination of the solution phase to determine which style you like best. "For the color selection, do not always ask in a neutral color, like white could eventually lead to boredom," said Susan. There are several theories about the basic colors presented Susan. One was that the cool colors will be lost when combined with warm colors.

These colors will create a visual sensation and has a calming effect. Problems that must be faced when trying to choose the color is always associated with flavor. Do not force yourself to choose a dark color if you do not like, may be able to complement the color of the wall on the other side, such as a kitchen or a room that you rarely use. You can apply the paint on one side of the wall by using a darker color.

By doing so, dramatic shadow will shine and on the other hand can give you a brighter color. In this way, you can bring a game style that is good in the room and also a visual illusion in a side room.

"We want to choose the paint, better consider its kind. We recommend using a more glossy paint so that the room looks brighter because of the reflection of sunlight, "said Susan. When it comes to lighting, then this is the most important thing in the room to give the illusion to make it look more spacious.

Provides plenty of openings in the house, not only provides many benefits for your health and family, also gives the impression of broad in the room. Not just the color, the selection of accessories also should be taken into account.

Let's say that when you choose the type of fabric curtains, choose a fabric that is not too thick curtains so that the sun can shine any more free to your room. Undoubtedly, the use of mirrors in the interior will give the impression of spacious and quiet.

"Placement of a large mirror in one corner can also help reflect natural light into the room. Better mirror placed opposite the window because it can bring in light into the room and help the room look more spacious, "advises Susan. The final touch when will include the effects of illusion into the narrow room, you also have to consider the use of furniture. Suppose that by applying the dual function furniture, such as a closet or cabinet that can store your home and office.

"For the furniture in the room is not spacious, able to use unconventional furniture, such as benches, sofas, and a stool or a stool that could give the rest of the space for storage," said Susan. While, if your room is quite large, can put a large and striking furniture. Like the carving in the middle, or if possible, choose furniture that is low and can be more efficient.

"Furniture that is larger, better placed opposite to the wall so that no part of the floor is visible. So, baseball look too full, "said Susan. Thus, the illusion of the game in the room to give the impression area is not complicated is it? You just play creativity and do not be afraid to apply bright colors.

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