Circuit Boards: Home Furniture Geeky

IKEA ONLINE: Circuit Boards: Home Furniture Geeky - See what’s new on the PCB design – or you could call it printed circuit boards because it is more popular – which is probably not the most attractive designs to see them? But after you read this, you will be eager to use your electronic waste! So why not pull out all the stops and be very craftsman?

Below is a circuit board like you’ve never seen them before – in the form of home furniture!

Coffee Table

Why not try and put together a coffee table (if you’re mad enough)? The base of the coffee table is made and put together with Printed Circuit Boards and glass placed and fitted on top. The mash of colors will blend in well with most interior designs with the use of greens, browns and blacks – if that’s your thing.


Need an armchair to sit alongside your coffee table? Here’s a rather uncomfortable-looking piece of furniture made up of just Printed Circuit Boards.


Printed Circuit Boards are good for making trays/bowls for multiple purposes like ash trays, sweet bowls, flower trays etc. They can be created from a variety of different sizes. Perfect for placing on your PCB Coffee Table!


As Printed Circuit Boards are not the most attractive to look at, these ring coasters look rather pleasant, don’t they? Another piece of art to add to your (bizarre) collection.


If you’re starting to become quite attached to the Printed Circuit Boards decor in your living room, isn’t it about time you added a clock to your surroundings? Now you can tell the time and admire the glorious aesthetics of a circuit board – amazing, right?!

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